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"Simplicity is about getting it right, not about what's on the page."

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Darren Northcott


I started as a developer 10 years ago. I plodded away at front-end code; CSS and Javascript. It wasn’t long before I realized I liked the front-end part better than the code part. I reinvented my career and never looked back…

…Except for when I occasionally touch up a prototype because making things right is important.

The world of UX grew. It became clear that UX was no longer just about wireframes.

Now we know it’s about the customer journey, the emotional investment and the completion of the user's goals. And because of this, I find myself following a new path again: blending UX with product design.

Combining design sprints with rapid prototyping and testing is a process I am passionate about and trying to perfect. I currently oversee a small team of UX Architects and Designers and liaison daily with several development teams in Calgary, London and Bulgaria. After years of working in the industry I have come to realize that when you collaborate, prototype, and test often; true innovation starts to shine.

And that's pretty fucking cool.


Apps that do my job (and I'm fairly good with them too)




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