UX & Digital Product Design


ADP is one of the leading invoicing and payroll companies in the world. Like most other industries mobile is transforming their customer’s expectations about how to work. Our task was to improve their invoicing system by bringing it to mobile devices.

From creating invoices, attaching documents, approvals and chain management we adapted their style guide and created an easy to use system that is bringing them broader reach and increased profits.

My role: wireframes, UX, prototypes, design, product design

ADP_OpenInvoice_Approve_Creative_v1_0013_Approved Message.jpg
ADP_OpenInvoice_Approve_Creative_v1_0014_Forward Message.jpg
ADP_OpenInvoice_Create_Creative_v1_0001_Add item.jpg
ADP_OpenInvoice_Create_Creative_v1_0000_Create Invoice.jpg