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Creating A Voice

A lot can go wrong for a user when they’re using digital wallets. Nothing sews the seeds of angst like a big red “error" message. Out of date browsers, failed transactions, general errors, geo-location. A mobile wallet is rife with opportunities to upset the user.

One strategy for dealing with this is to guide the user. But that’s only half the story. Applications, like all good communications, need a voice. Even a personality. Something that humanizes it (well, not exactly as you’ll see) so the user is a bit more at ease.

Enter Perceval the Yeti.

Perceval might be just as unlucky as you. Luckily, he always has another option to get back on track. And if you follow him you might head in the right direction after all. Hey, at least you’re not alone.

My role: design, UX, product design

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